Conservative successes 81 – 100

81. Increased spending on disability support, in particular the Access to Work scheme.

82. Reformed disability benefits so those who need it most get more.

83. Given young people with special educational needs the right to say which college they want to go to and giving parents of children with severe, profound or multiple health and learning difficulties personal budgets, so they can choose the expert support that is right for their child.

84. Banned more foreign hate preachers, closed down more extremist websites and helped more people turn away from violence. (For example, we have removed over 18,000 pieces of illegal terrorist material from the internet.)

85. Rejected Labour’s policy of taxing tourists.

86. Widened the definition of domestic violence to cover 16 and 17 year olds.

87. Made forced marriage a criminal offence.

88. Rolled out superfast broadband across the UK.

89. Spent £150 million between 2013 and 2015 to improve mobile coverage in rural areas where it is poor or non-existent.

90. Stopped fish caught from being thrown back into the sea to fulfil EU quotas. (We have negotiated with our EU partners that from 1 January 2015 ‘pelagic’ or sea level fish discards will be banned.)

91. Invested £2.4 billion in flood defences by 2015.

92. Doubling dementia research funding.

93. Invested £2.4 million to create 1 million dementia friends who can support elderly people with dementia.

94. Increased lottery funding for the Arts.

95. Maintained free entry for national museums.

96. Raised the income at which fees have to start being paid back – so graduates only have to pay back when they can afford to.

97. Abolished the default retirement age.

98. Introduced a £135 discount on electricity bills for the most vulnerable.

99. Simplified the state pension so people can be certain of what they will get.

100. Boosted competition in the banking sector to make it work better for customers.

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