Conservative successes 61 – 80 out of 100

61. Made sure parking rules do not discourage visitors to our high streets.

62. Helped new businesses to open in empty shops.

63. Insisted immigrants speak better English so they can build relationships with their neighbours and contribute to our communities.

64. Cut abuse of student visas, and closed bogus Colleges, whilst still welcoming the brightest students so our universities continue to be the best in the world.

65. Given people more freedoms to build extensions, helping those who want to stay in their home.

66. Taken action to stop illegal traveller encampments, so that areas are not blighted.

67. Simplified the planning system, so everyone can understand it. (Our National Planning Policy Framework simplified planning policy down from 1,500 pages to fewer than 50 pages.)

68. Given local councils new powers to boost local infrastructure.

69. Protected the NHS budget, meaning that in 2015 we will be spending more on the NHS than when we took over from Labour.

70. Brought in a £1 billion Cancer Drugs Fund to help patients get the NHS treatments they need.

71. Hired more NHS nurses than ever under Labour – meaning patients get the care they deserve.

72. Hired thousands more NHS doctors and midwives to look after patients. There are now around 7,000 more doctors and around 1,800 more midwives working in the NHS than when we took over.

73. Halved the number of hospital infections.

74. Respected patients’ dignity by nearly eradicating mixed sex wards.

75. Brought back named GPs for the vulnerable elderly.

76. Ended aid to China and Russia, but kept our promise to the world’s poorest.

77. Introduced a new payment by results approach to aid, where money is only handed over if results have been achieved on the ground.

78. Made aid more transparent.

79. Given same sex couples the right to get married in England and Wales.

80. Launched a Sports Charter to stamp out homophobia in sport.

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