Cambridge beware – Lib Dems set to significantly raise your council tax.

Liberal Democrats are seeking to add a new council tax band on houses. The current top band limit is £320,000. Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg has set out his new plans.

The current band limits are based on notional 1991 valuations to attempt to be fair and consistent. Adding a new band will be complex, probably require an expensive revaluation exercise and almost certainly end up with most people paying more tax.

National band limits will hit Cambridge hardest. Cambridge house prices are high and set to increase.

It seems likely that this Lib Dem policy will result in the majority of people in Cambridge paying significantly more council tax than they do at the moment.

For some, they will pay a huge amount more.

Remember, council tax is to pay for services. It is not a wealth tax. Or at least it wasn’t but the Lib Dems are set to change that.


  1. Surely by adding the extra council tax bands for property worth over £2 million, the Lib Dems could cut council tax for those of use living in regular family homes and flats.

    It’s ludicrous that the owner of a £2 million plus mansion pays the same tax as someone in living in a £320,000 family home.


    • Any extra council tax will not be used to offset others paying at a lower rate. This is an addition not a systemic overhaul, which arguably is overdue.

      Your second point misses the point that council tax is supposed to pay for local services. It is not supposed to be a wealth tax. Many people in Cambridge live in valuable houses but have low incomes. How are they to pay?

      This has more to do with political posturing by a Lib Dem leader in real trouble.


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