Politics in Cambridge – Reality of Lib Dems and Labour tax policies will hit home

National politics had never been more interesting.

UKIP on the rise, Lib Dems bombing out of sight and a collective national amnesia about Labours tragic economic performance whilst in power.

Under Conservative governance the economy is now improving significantly.

All around the country the battle for national control remains clear. Conservatives or Labour with the possibility of support from fringe parties if an outright majority is not won.

Yet in Cambridge things are very different. Recent history has had the Lib Dems as the party of choice. In local government Labour have been the opposition. The MP slot is a three way marginal with the Conservatives coming second last time.

And yet all around Cambridge the county is Conservative with a showing of UKIP and a fast reducing number of Lib Dems.

So, if you live in Cambridge and vote at the next election what choices do you have and what is the result?

Vote Labour and you will make an impact as it is certainly winnable for Labour. Result higher taxes, economic downturn, lots of borrowing and a mansion Taxon on your property. That is an annual tax on the value of your house and with the high house prices in Cambridge more of you live in “Mansions” than you might think.

Vote Lib Dem. If Labour win an outright majority nationally then no affect and no influence. If labour are the largest party but don’t have a majority it is likely that there will be a Labour / Lib Dem coalition. Result, same as if you vote for Labour with the added joy of a the Lib Dems causing chaos as they do a complete U turn.

Voting Conservative seems to be the only alternative even if in Cambridge they have longer odds. Those who do not want a Labour government will need to vote Conservative rather than Lib Dem which has been the trend recently. Result, lower taxes, no hike in council tax and no Mansion Tax. Economy continues to grow helping to fund education.

In many parts of the country it is clear. Vote UKIP and get Labour. In Cambridge it is vote Lib Dem get Labour.

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