Conservative success – UK moved up to 9th best place to do business in the world.

The UK has moved up a place to 9th in the rankings of the best places to do business in the world – meaning more jobs and a better future for families.

It is great news that Britain is becoming an even better to place to start and run a business because that helps get more people into work. That means more people with the security of getting paid each month and being able to look after their families.

Conservatives are backing small business and enterprise with lower jobs taxes, the lowest corporation tax in the G20 and we are getting rid of unnecessary red tape to the tune of over £1.5 billion a year – freeing up business to focus on expansion.

These figures show that the Conservative long-term economic plan is working. We are building a stronger, healthier economy that is securing a better and brighter future for people up and down the country.

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