Conservative success – GDP revised up by ONS

The UK’s GDP has been significantly revised up by the Office for National Statistics. Growth since 2010 is now 1 per cent higher than previously thought, showing that the Conservative long-term plan is building a stronger and healthier economy.

This encouraging news is further evidence that the Conservative long-term economic plan to secure a healthy economy is working. That means more jobs and greater security and peace of mind for hardworking British taxpayers.

The GDP figure revisions shows that since 2010 this country has grown faster than France, faster than Germany, and faster than any major economy apart from Canada and the United States of America.

The deficit has been cut by over a third, there are over two million more private sector jobs and 400,000 more businesses.

There should not be any complacency, because the job is not yet done. The Great Recession remains the deepest since records began, and risks to the recovery from Europe and elsewhere remain.

That is why we must continue to work through the long-term economic plan, which is the only way to a better and brighter future for people up and down the country.

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