My personal wish list for a manifesto. No particular order and lots missed off

Continue to seek to balance the economy.

Scrap HS2 to fund other projects.

Continue to invest in other infrastructure including roads, rail and broadband.

Seek to lower personal and corporate tax when ever possible. Simplify tax structure.

Keep the minimum wage at the current rate but inflate in line with inflation.

Take those on minimum wage out of paying tax to create incentive to work.

Reduce subsidy to Scotland. Sort out the funding formula.

Significantly reduce overseas aid and stop paying it to countries with space programs etc.

Take better care of the elderly. Better linking of funding between NHS and social care. Current funding probably enough but fragmented.

Promote business.

Reduce tax and regulation burden on business.

Reduce number of MPs and carry out boundary review.

Bring to an end uncontrolled immigration, however that can be achieved, and replace with an Australian style points system.

Protect a free press. Promote freedom of speech. Reduce surveillance.

Promote a small state.

Bring local democratic accountability to the NHS.

Only English MPs to vote on English matters.

Stop knocking bankers and start supporting the significant financial sector.

Reduce and then remove tuition fees. We need bright kids, from all backgrounds, to study.

Rebuild our Armed Forces. Personnel numbers are at historic lows. The world seems to be becoming a more dangerous place.

Renegotiate our relationship with the EU. If this is not possible then leave.

Disengage with the European Court of Human Rights. We don’t need it.

Scrap inheritance tax. We need to encourage saving.

Free prescriptions for all including opticians to be paid for by reducing NHS services in less critical areas including fertility treatment, cosmetic surgery and weight loss. Introduce personal responsibility into the equation for NHS funded health care.

Reduce the size and cost of government.

Reduce the complexity of local government. Unitary authorities to replace district, city and county councils.

Continue to drive down on benefits.

Remove the cliff edge stamp duty on houses to promote workforce mobility.

One comment

  1. You know, I’m sure there’s a party that – unlike the LibLabCon Fourth Reich Eurokleptocrat Party – supports all of those things, Nick.

    Can you guess which it is?


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