Is the government cutting local authority spending too far?

I am increasingly worried that the government doesn’t understand what local authorities do. As a result the government continues to cut funding without understanding the consequences for people.

I fully understand the need to drive through efficiencies to help get the biggest bang for each pound but we are way past that. Now services will have yo be cut or dispensed with. These are services that people need and expect.

Most of the services provided by local authorities are vital for vulnerable people and need to be protected. Cutting them further to help pay for the deficit is starting to not make sense.

For example. Cutting funding for older people is likely to mean that they stay in hospital longer when they are ill. That will cost more overall.

Reducing mental health services might mean more people end up having more extreme episodes resulting in increased crime or longer unproductive spells in hospital.

Cutting our libraries ( which I protected in 2011 ) means that the unemployed and the poor will have little access to the Internet to find a job or research issues in the way the rest of us can.

Further cutting the youth service is likely to lead to increased crime adding costs to the police budget. Worse, it has bad outcomes for our people.

Cutting waste recycling sites or dumps as I prefer, will result in fly tipping which costs a fortune to clean up and makes our environment unattractive.

It is time the government applauds itself for the efficiencies gained so far and now protects the funding from any further cuts.

It is time the same efficiencies were applied to the NHS which is still hopelessly inefficient. The government has let the NHS remain largely unreformed and for reasons I don’t understand made it some sort of sacred cow to be protected at all costs.

What is important is our people and they deserve protection when they need .

If for no other reason than getting reflected the government should not make enemies of its citizens .

One comment

  1. I am increasingly worried that the government doesn’t understand what local authorities do.

    It doesn’t.

    And it couldn’t care less.


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