Cllr John Reynolds – He will be missed

I have just found out that Cambridgeshire County Councillor John Reynolds has died. I am shocked and my thoughts go out to his family and in particular his wife Diana.

John has held high office at the County Council since first being elected in 1981. He was the local member for the Bar Hill Division and worked extremely hard for the people of in his Division as well  as the County as a whole.

John worked with me at the Police Authority, where he was Chairman for 10 years. I also enjoyed the wisdom of John’s guiding words when I was Leader of the Council.  It was prompting by John, and a few others, that encouraged me to stand as a councillor.

Always thoughtful and a great thinker John has had an enormous impact on the lives so many over the years. He shaped policy with nudges, asking questions he already knew the answers to bring out a point, gently guiding us to success.

John spent huge amounts of time training Guide Dog Puppies and supporting that charity. He would sometimes bring a new puppy into see me in my office.

Statesman like, full of integrity and honesty, passionate about the people he served he will be missed.

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