My political principles from a few years ago – they still seem relevant today

Political principles

We will continue to help grow the local economy.

We believe that a successful economy means that people can look after themselves and others without placing a burden on the public purse.

We will continue to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

We will continue to consult with our community

We believe that we are the organisation of last resort to many people .

We believe in opportunity

We will fight for what is right for Suffolk

We will strive for yet further efficiency

We will run the council in a business like manner

We believe in more action and less talking

We are bold in our thinking, brave in our decision making and resolute in the execution

We will not be risk adverse. Perfection is the enemy of success. We will strive to get it right first time but we accept things sometimes go wrong. We will pause, rethink and move forward. 

We believe in less bureaucracy, less red tape

We are focused on what is right for the people of Suffolk not just councillors

We are financially competent 

We will provide strong political leadership

We will be member led

We will support businesses when ever we can

We will continue to examine our own processes to shorten decision making, to reduce the cost of providing services and to better meet the needs of the people of Suffolk.

We will strive to ensure that Suffolk is the very best county in the country

We will engage with national politicians to help shape policy

We will play a full and active roll within the Local Government Association to help shape policy.

We will seek to work still more closely with partner organisation 

We will be forward thinking, progressive and flexible

We will continue to reinforce the role of the local  councillor.

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