Cricket – time to do battle again for Hundon cricket club

The cricket season is fast approaching.

As the secretary I have been busy sorting out fixtures. We didn’t manage any cricket last year so cross fingers for this year.

I tend to open the bating but this year I am feeling very old. As we get older keeping sport going is great but the possibility of an injury looms large. Happily the mid week league is for all standards and abilities and male and female. We try to get everyone involved.

We start at 6pm and don’t take things too seriously, although we do still like to win!

If you would like to play then please get in contact with me. 07876561781

See the fixtures below:

April 28th (week 1)June 16th (week 8 )
 ( Cup 2nd round )
 Saffron Waldenv Hundon Saffron Waldenv Mill Green
 Mill Greenv Ashdon  Abington 2vSewards End 
 Newmarket Abington 2or August 11th if a team in cup
May 5th (week 2)June 23rd(week 9 )
 Sewards End  Mill Green Ashdon v Hundon
 Ashdon v Abington 2 Abington 2v Mill Green
 Newmarketv Hundon Saffron Walden Sewards End 
 Linton 1 v Saffron Walden (cup)
May 12th  Cup 1st rnd (week 3)June 30th (week 10 )
 Ashdonv Newmarket Saffron Waldenv Abington 2
 Abington 2 v Wenden 2  (cup) Newmarketv Mill Green
 Sawston & Babraham 2  v Mill Green   (cup) Sewards End  Hundon
May 19th (week 4)July 7th (week 11 )
 ( Cup semi finals )
 Sewards End v Abington 2 Sewards End v Newmarket
 Mill Greenv Saffron Walden Saffron Waldenv Ashdon 
 Newmarketv Ashdon Hundonv Abington 2
 Chesterfordsv Hundon (cup)
May 26th   (week 5)July 14th(week 12 )
 Newmarketv Sewards End  Hundonv Newmarket
 Ashdon v Saffron Walden Abington 2v Ashdon 
 Abington 2v Hundon Mill Green Sewards End 
June 2nd (week 6)July 21st(week 13 )
 Mill Greenv Hundon Hundonv Mill Green
 Saffron Waldenv Newmarket Newmarketv Saffron Walden
 Sewards End  Ashdon  Ashdon  Sewards End 
June 9th  (week 7)July 28th (week 14 )
 Hundonv Ashdon  Hundonv Saffron Walden
 Mill Greenv Abington 2 Ashdon v Mill Green
Sewards End  Saffron Walden Abington 2 Newmarket
August 4th (week 15 )
 Abington 2v Saffron Walden
 Mill Greenv Newmarket
 Hundon Sewards End 

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