Civil Parking Enforcement – Parking fines!

No-one likes to get a parking ticket. The police used to issue them but this duty passed to West Suffolk Council on 6th April 2020 which frees up the Police who can now prioritise their resources elsewhere.

For the of you who like the details, CPE powers are enshrined in law (Highways Act 1980, Traffic Management Act 2004 and Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984)

To complicate things it is the Highway Authority, Suffolk County Council, who delegates the CPE enforcement functions to us in West Suffolk. We enforce the lines and signs that are on the street. Any discretion in doing so is severely limited – a vehicle is either parked on the street legally or it is parked illegally and subject to a penalty charge notice if caught.

Changes to the lines and signs are the responsibility of the Highway Authority through a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) procedure defined in the legislation which is a relatively lengthy and expensive process.

Some scary facts:

Across West Suffolk there were 13637 patrol visits last month with 2503 penalties issues!

I was once told you can park where you like in Clare because no-one enforces parking. Well that isn’t true. There were 54 patrols to Clare and 7 tickets issued.

Newmarket Team

LocationPatrol VisitsPCN’s Issued
Clare Castle Country Park CP82
Brandon Country Park CP1213
West Row11
Beck Row80


  1. Nick. I will check but I am not convinced we have any current TRO’s. May be one at the school during specific times. We do not have any yellow lines in Kedington nor do we have car parks. I find out for our next parish council meeting. Ann Naylor.


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