400 more houses for Clare!!! I met with the developer.

Clare seems to be attracting a lot of attention from developers. Next up, Stoke Road in Clare for 160 homes with the possibility of it being 400 homes!

There is a piece of land off Stoke Road in Clare that Bloor Homes have options over so would like including in the local plan so they can develop.

Bloor Homes asked to meet with me last week. We discussed in general terms their proposal. I outlined general concerns that the town has. These are sewerage capacity, broadband, traffic, HGVs through the town and car parking. I asked them how their proposal would help these issues.

The local plan is being updated over the next couple of years. As part of the process West Suffolk council ask landowners if they have land that they might like to develop on. The land goes through a lengthy process of selection and consultation and if approved eventually ends up in the new local plan. This means if it’s in the local plan it is very likely that it will be developed on at some time in the future.

They told me that the next step is a general consultation with public meetings etc. The said they would keep me in the loop.

I will be monitoring this closely.

One comment

  1. 400 homes seems so excessive for such a small town.
    The proposed land is agricultural land and it’s disappointing to learn that the farmer is open to selling up to make way for a large housing estate like that.
    It will definitely change Suffolks smallest Town permanently.
    Will Care eventually become similar in size and population to Haverhill?
    It’s very concerning.


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