Planning application for 53 houses on Cavendish Road, Clare – I met with developers!

Planning application DC/17/1252/FUL

When I was elected in May I became aware of a large development planned for Clare on the Cavendish Road. I also understood that the planning application was going to be decided by planning officers, rather than elected councillors at a meeting held in public. 53 additional houses for a small town like Clare is significant and needs to be decided in public not behind closed doors. So I “called in” the application which means it is now much more likely to be decided at committee.

Last week the developer asked to meet with me on site. I saw this as an opportunity to put the case for the folk of Clare. See below for a note I sent to the planning officer after the meeting.

“Just to let you know the developer contacted me today wanting to meet up, which I agreed to do on site today. He is aware of me “calling in” the planning application.

We talked about the dangers of complying with all the rules and policies yet still delivering a poor development.

We discussed the following points:

No broadband provision- he agreed to implement broadband and put it in writing.

Why no solar panels? We have a declared climate emergency at West Suffolk Council. He is happy to put solar panels on the buildings but feels the issue is with conservationists at the council. He is going to revisit it with officers. I will be pressing for this at the committee meeting.

Attenuation ponds being near to green space. A danger to children. He explained they would be empty and dry most of the time. He is going to clarify this in writing.

Ditches and drains blocked – either side of the plot. He contends it’s not his responsibility. I advised adding 53 houses was not going to make things better so the issue needs resolving by someone. He is going to talk to Anglia water and environment agency.

Speed reduction measures – he is going to look further to see what can be done.

The call in seems to have him motivated.”


  1. I am concerned that there will be more people needing a surgery and schools in the area. We have a parking problem at the moment and do not need extra cars in the town. We appreciate visitors as they bring revenue into the town but 53 homes is too much. We are a small community and I feel we will be swamped with more people.


    • Hi Betty. I agree but here is the problem. Every 10 years a new local plan is created. The plan includes all the land that can be developed on in the next 10 years. There is public consultation and it passes a democratic process and is voted on by the council. This particular plot was approved for development in the last local plan. So it will be developed. What we have a chance to do now is to shape the size and type of development.


  2. Hi
    We also need to look at BT updating the existing network for current residents of Clare as the max speed of fiber for example is a little over 40mb which with more people working from home going forward is not going to be enough, there is another option of a local community fiber or wireless network with greater speeds up to 1000mb


  3. Hi Nick, I agree with your reservations with regards to a development on the Clare Road we are only a small town and are already becoming overcrowded with all the new developments in and around Clare. On a totally different subject we live on the Stoke Road which has had some changes to speed restrictions but unfortunately close to mine and my neighbours property the speed limit is 60 so people coming out of Clare towards Stoke by Clare speed up when they see the 60 sign which is literally a few hundred yards from our properties its an accident waiting to happen I have had several near misses, please could you look into this for us,


    • Hi Maria, I agree with your comments about speeding. It is a blight on our communities. Unfortunately highways is a County Council function not District. If I stray too far I will get a smack I suspect. I will pass your thoughts on to Bobby Bennett your County Councillor.


    • I live at wentford view and have recently had two strokes.. all this to say that when I walk along the road outside my home for rehabilitation the speed of the cars have pulled me off my feet in fact I once was pulled so strongly i fell into the road.. THEY DID NOT STOP. Surely something can be done about this stretch of road as I have also witnessed two dogs being run over due to excessive speed and do not wish to be the next victim of these fools.


  4. These developers are not working for the benefit of Clare. They are just in it to make money
    Clare can not support further expansion
    Schools Doctors Roads And Services such as Water Gas Electronic etc are overloaded and will not withstand further expectation
    Save our Town and stop these opportunists


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