Doctors surgeries in Clare

Folk have been rightly pointing out to me that all these new houses are to be built yet one of our Doctors surgeries has closed. I have chased this up and been given the following response from a very reliable source (trust me I’m the presidents mate!)

“I have recently received clarification from the Estates and Strategic Planning Manager for the Suffolk and Norfolk NHS Clinical Commissioning Group regarding the practices in Clare.

He has spoken with his colleagues in West Suffolk and has confirmed the following:

“The branch surgery of Hardwicke House is only temporarily closed due to Covid-19 and there are no plans we are aware of for it to remain closed permanently. The surgery would be required to carry out a 6 month consultation with NHS England before any closure could take place.””

Let us celebrate the fact we retain two surgeries, even if one is closed at the moment. Let us cross our fingers and toes.

One comment

  1. Suggest that the ‘guildhall ‘ surgery in clare which purports to be open allow easier access to being able to get an appointment face to face with a doctor, considering I have had 2 strokes since nov, last year without any help when requested from this surgery who refused to see me due to the pandemic and forced me to call 911 on my own.. causing a second stroke . THEY ARE SHAMEFUL


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