53 houses in Clare approved today at the Development Control Committee (DCC)- I voted against

Today I sat on the Development control committee for the first time. I am a substitute and was asked to fill in.

I was due to speak at the DCC as a ward member on the Cavendish Road, Clare application for 53 houses. I asked a fellow ward councillor to speak for me to avoid confusion.

This application had 212 documents on the portal. This is a significant development for Clare. The Chairman of Clare Town Council made his case as did the Clare Society.

We were all concerned about the need to extend the 30mph limit to protect the school and the new development. We also wanted the path to Clare sorting out, broadband and solar panels.

And that’s where the problems started. Despite all my extensive arguments and many of the DCC agreeing with my sentiments the rules seem to have got in the way. Very frustrating, although I think the broadband and solar panels will appear.

The vote was taken and the application was approved by 12 – 4. I listened to all the arguments before I voted against it in its current form.

We must try another way to get the speed limit extended!


  1. Saw a senior doctor at Hardwick House, Sudbury last week who told me that Clare Surgery would not be reopening as there was already another practice and Clare wouldn’t support two surgeries??? Very disappointed having waited so long for it to reopen. Now about to register with Guilhall Practice. I do think Hardwick
    House are remiss not to have kept their patients informed.


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