Highways is a County Council activity – see how they prioritise the work

Highways and their maintenance are always a thorny issue. There is never enough money to carry out everything that we all want. To each of us the roads we use are of utmost importance but when prioritised may not be seen that way by the highways authority.

I am publishing this to help everyone get a better understanding of how our highways are maintained. Your County Councillor not me in this instance is responsible, phew.

Suffolk County Council is the local highway authority for all non-trunk roads maintainable at public expense within Suffolk. As the local highway authority, the County Council has to fulfil a number a number of statutory duties, many of which are contained in the Highways Act 1980. Other legislation impacts upon the County Council’s highway maintenance powers and duties and reference is made to some such legislation within this document. ‘Suffolk Highways’ delivers the highway maintenance function on behalf of Suffolk County Council.

Take a look at the highway maintenance operational plan dated May 2021 below:



  1. Unfortunately, as expected, all that document shows is how complicated pieces of paperwork can cloud the issue and give numerous reasons why they don’t just get on with doing a proper job of maintaining our roads. Has anyone published just how much revenue is generated from Road Tax, and where does all that money go?


    • Thought everyone knew this.Firstly it isn’t road tax, and the Vehicle Excise tax that you refer to goes to Central Government.


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