Fly tipping is a crime and a blight on our beautiful countryside. You will get caught eventually!

There is just no excuse for this. Dispose of waste correctly or face significant fines. It’s not a defence if someone else fly tips your rubbish. I can remember a few years ago, when I was younger and fitter, throwing a plastic coke bottle and a fag end back through a car window it had just been chucked out of. Fortunately, for everyone concerned the car passenger wound up the window and it drove off!

A Haverhill woman who left her address in fly-tipped rubbish has been ordered to pay £1,126 for allowing the waste to be improperly disposed.

Magistrates at Ipswich found the case proved against Kirsty Marie Dunkley, formerly of Stirling Drive, Haverhill of failing in her householder duty of care.

The court heard on Tuesday, October 5 that six black bags had been found fly tipped in a country lane in Cowlinge near Haverhill in April 2019.

The bags contained household, packaging and food waste as well as other household items.

When West Suffolk Council enforcement officers looked through the rubbish they discovered correspondence relating to the Stirling Drive address where Dunkley was the occupier at the time of the incident. She now lives at Camps Road, Haverhill.null

Although the council could not find evidence that Dunkley had actually fly tipped the bags herself, the magistrates concluded (in her absence) that she had failed in her householder duty of care to make sure the rubbish was disposed legally and found the case proved.

Read the full arrival in the Suffolk News.

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