Full fibre Gigaclear broadband is coming to Clare

Gigaclear is an ultrafast full fibre broadband operator and provider based in the UK. They are getting ready to commence work in Clare to build the UK’s fastest, full fibre broadband network.

You may have already seen teams surveying and planning the route for the network. Just like other utilities, building the network involves digging trenches in the carriageway, verges, paths and private land (with permission). Where possible, they will look to use existing infrastructure to limit any potential disruption to the community.

It is anticipated that works will commence in Clare in Q1 of 2022. The main access cabinets will be live at some point in Q2 2022, and from this point some residents will be live and able to order. It is anticipated all works will be complete at some point in Q3 2022.

Residents will receive a letter approximately two weeks before works commences, detailing what to expect from the works and the benefits thereafter.

You may see some ‘28 day notices’ placed within Clare at locations where they have been unable to determine land ownership. Parishioners can contact na-east@gigaclear.com if they are the landowner or know who the landowner is.

If residents have any questions or concerns during the network build process, a Network Build Care team is on hand to help. They can be contacted on the details below:

Email: networkbuildcare@gigaclear.com

Phone: 01865 591137


  1. Nick,

    I am assuming this text is lifted from a company email/website etc. but as is reads as if you are part of this business – e.g” our works”.
    Could you clarify if this is the case.


    • Hi Duncan, yes it is from an email I received. I have altered it to not appear to have come from the company but missed one “our”. I have amended the post. I have nothing to do with the company. Thank you for spotting the error


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