Mass transport solution for Haverhill to Cambridge? The need is obvious

Haverhill is expanding. Many houses are being built but is the infrastructure keeping pace?

Haverhill and most of West Suffolk look towards Cambridge for economic growth, leisure and shopping rather than Ipswich.

It is possible that a rail arc between Oxford and Cambridge will be built and it might even extend to Norwich.

But what of Haverhill? The road network is not fit for purpose and is jammed and polluting. Where is the mass transit system moving significant numbers of people between Haverhill and Cambridge? Should it be rail, tram or guided bus? Or is Haverhill to be ignored?

A lot of folk commute to Cambridge from Haverhill and more are likely to do so. Most take their cars although a few hardy souls cycle.

It is time for Haverhill to be heard.


  1. There is a transport group trying to get a train service back but it seems they have given up as nothing in the past year! We need the route from Sudbury through Clare and Haverhill to Cambridge reopening. To go forward to get cars off the road this needs sorting in the next few years.
    But we also need jobs/ industry being created in small villages and towns so people have not got to try and commute miles!


  2. I work at Granta Park, and the transport from Cambridge is subsidised by the park (bus only £3 per day, compared to £7 on the 13 bus), but Haverhill (Kedington) transport is limited to the 13 bus or car. As my carshare partner’s role was made redundant during the pandemic, my transport options are even more limited. There are only two buses per weekday which can get me to work, and three in the early evening which will get me home. It isn’t very conducive to using the bus!


  3. My commute from Clare to Cambridge very often is delayed due to volume of traffic and roadworks. Going through Linton os very slow at peak times also. A solution needs to be found to this.


  4. A rail link to Cambridge would give young people from Haverhill more job opportunities. Young people growing up in Haverhill would benefit from better job opportunities with a rail link. If you increase prospects for young people giving them hope, this could also have the knock on affect of reducing crime.


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