Defibrillator- funding for Wixoe

One of my villages, Wixoe, rarely ask for anything, cause me little concern and seem to manage themselves with little intervention.

So, when I received a request today to help fund the installation of a defibrillator, in the phone box, I readily agreed to help. These units can make the difference between life and death.

The lady concerned has gone to a lot of trouble to raise most of the funds required and given it is a small village this has been most impressive. She was very grateful for my input. I am very grateful, on behalf of our community, for her efforts.

It is always great for community cohesion when folk can come together over a single community issue.


  1. Nick not sure where they will purchase theirs from but ask them to make contact with our clerk John Boxall at Kedington. We are having another installed at Butchers in Kedington. You basically pay an agreed donation and they do the rest. Community responders response team. Details on our Sept minutes


    • Many thanks Ann. Sharing best practice as well as hints and tips between communities is fantastic.


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