COVID advice for Suffolk as numbers rise

As the Government has now designated Suffolk as an Enhanced Response Area due to our COVID case numbers and pressure on our hospitals, the Suffolk Resilience Forum (SRF) is naturally stepping up its communications activity.

The SRF is seeking to achieve three main aims:

1) To ensure that as many people as possible are aware of the latest Covid situation in Suffolk

2) To provide absolute clarity on the actions that best reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses

3) To influence people to make the best choices in order to reduce the spread

In the coming weeks and months, a range of very visual and clear PR, social media and advertising activities will be carried out, supported by and in line with central government messaging, to achieve these aims. 

For example, during the week commencing 15 November, every residential property in Suffolk (and some across our borders) will receive the attached leaflet, raising awareness of the current COVID-19 situation in Suffolk and reminding people of things that we can do to best reduce the spread of viruses. This is being supported by print and digital advertising, radio ads, social media promotion and billboards across Suffolk.

Alongside this, the Forum is launching a campaign encouraging people to think about what motivates them, very personally, to choose to follow the actions that best reduce the spread of viruses. Called ‘What’s it Worth?’, the campaign will be positive about finding ways to live with COVID. To deliver this, we’ve created a family – the Garnhams – and will feature them all doing things that people enjoy – like having family for dinner – and the role relatively small acts can play in keeping it that way.

Again, a range of communications activities will be used to promote these messages, including radio adverts, videos, social media and bus station adverts. The campaign is deliberately, light and fun because we want to engage as wide an audience as possible and believe being positive is the best approach.

For clarity, these are the five actions we’re promoting:

• Get fully vaccinated and have your booster when it’s due

• Wash your hands regularly with soap and water

• Always wear a face covering in crowded areas

• Ventilate indoor spaces

• Get tested regularly and stay at home if you feel unwell

We’re going to make a particular point of demonstrating that not everyone can follow all the guidance, but that’s ok. It all helps.

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