Covid – a personal experience

Some of you might have noticed I’ve been a bit quiet over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, two weeks ago I contracted Covid.

I had just gone through a busy period with lots of activity in the community. Who know where I picked it up but I felt sick on the Sunday and tested positive with a PCR test on Monday.

Despite being double vaccinated covid has hit me hard. Headaches, loss of appetite, temperature, cough, breathlessness and acute fatigue. And it’s gone on and on and on.

The 10 day isolation period was spent resting but I extended it as my symptoms persisted although my temperature had stabilised. At the end of the 10 days things are not as black and white as I expected. The guidance is not clear. It seems that even if you have symptoms for example cough and lose of taste you can stop isolating after the 10 days as long as your temperature is ok. I felt sick but I was allowed to mingle. I didn’t.

The track and trace call I had was interesting. They didn’t seem very interested in folk that I had been in contact with. They more more interested in venues.

Thankfully yesterday I started to feel much better. I still feel tired but have my old spark back. Perhaps I can now start planning for Christmas. Except another family member is now suffering with covid!!!

I’m glad I had my vaccinations as I dread to think how bad it might have been otherwise.

Keep safe everyone.


  1. On week 4 of COVID symptoms, one day good, one day bad. So exhausting. Keeping outings to an absolute minimum. Double masking and keeping distance further than what is suggested. To anyone out there, PLEASE GET BOOSTER!


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