Kedington – Santa’s elves are coming – pssst pass it on.

Kedington Parish Council seem to have a hot line to the North Pole and have arranged a visit from you know who and his elves (and very fetching they are I’m told).

They are all set for Friday 17th December to visit the little people in Kedington; last visit will be Eastcotts nursing home. Probably same route as last year. Starting at 6pm.

There has been a brilliant donation from Haverhill Rotary Club to purchase sweets for children and Biscuits for the elderly residents at Eastcotts. This was very generous of them, as they had already paid for the whole of the children’s wellbeing day back in the summer.

Mode of transport will be a 4×4, Father Christmas (Charlie) as driver, with Mrs Santa (Terri Starling) and Stella and Ann as elves. The vehicle will have lights and a sound system.

Don’t forget if you can let us know if you are willing to dress up, and where your location will be. Ideally, would be good to have one on Deals, one on Risbridge Drive Area, and Barton Grove area. We can then ring you and let you know where we are so the children do not get too cold waiting…. and of course a large gin for the elves!!! Plan will be to start around 6ish and hopefully finish by 9pm.

Contact Ann Naylor

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