Cavendish – High Street road works

I have been made aware of the frustrations of those that live in Cavendish or pass through it because of the extended roadworks on the high street.

Day after day the hole and traffic lights remain with little if any work going on. This is an A road and the work has taken too long. If they are waiting for kit to arrive then the road should be restored and opened until the kit arrives.

Arnie Craven, the external affairs manager for Cadent is responsible for keeping us all informed as to what is happening. His contact details are below if you want to get in touch! He sent the following information:

“I am writing in my capacity as External Affairs Manager for Cadent in the East of England. In that role I look after Cadent’s engagement with elected members at all levels.

As you might be aware, we have been undertaking some work in your area and we currently have an excavation on the High Street, Cavendish.

To make sure residents understand the situation, we are shortly going to begin a Facebook campaign, targeted at people near our works, with the below statement. I wanted to bring this to your attention directly though, both so you know what is going on, and so you have my contact details in case you would like further information / to discuss this.

Given the proximity to Christmas I am not always at my desk, so I cannot promise an immediate email response.

Statement on the works:

“We recently began vital repair work to a gas main on High St, Cavendish. After digging and inspecting the site, we have discovered that specialist equipment will be needed to complete the works and this will not be available until the new year. The site is safe and we’d like to thank everyone for their patience until will return to site in early January.”

Arnie Craven

External Affairs Manager


Mobile: 07971 238934

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