My email to Cadent complaining about the roadworks in Cavendish

Dear Mr Craven,
I have received a considerable number of complaints about these roadworks. The consistent questions being asked are why is the work taking so long and why does nothing seem to be happening.
Waiting weeks for specialist equipment might seem a cost effective holding position for your company but the users of the road would say that repairing the road to a standard allowing the road to be used would be the correct thing to do.

For too long utility providers have run roughshod over the general public. I know the Local Government Association has taken a particular interest in events like this one.

Please provide details of the original project plan including activities, duration and planned dates. Please detail and explain any delays, the mitigation strategies and a revised project plan. Please explain why the decision was taken to leave the roadworks in place rather than restoring the road whilst waiting for the specialist equipment.
I am happy to discuss further.

Councillor Nick Clarke
Councillor for Clare, Hundon and Kedington Ward
West Suffolk Council

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