Update on parking enforcement

I am meeting with officers in the New Year to sort out why car parking regulations can’t always be enforced. The more I look into it it seems that a few simple changes to the process might improve things significantly. It looks as if the recent foul up in Clare should be avoidable in the future. Here is a statement from West Suffolk Council:

“West Suffolk Council is working with Suffolk County Council to make sure when a temporary order is requested for an event, such as a seasonal one day market, that the order allows parking enforcement and removal to be carried out. Temporary orders are made on a case by case basis and only last for the duration of the event, such as some seasonal markets, including Clare. Civil Protection Enforcement has been successful across Suffolk in tackling inconsiderate parking which harms businesses, hinders emergency services from getting through and can be dangerous as well as causing pollution. The strengthened process will make it easier to tackle inconsiderate parking at similar events across West Suffolk using civil enforcement officers rather than having to call on Police resources which may be used if the highway has been unlawfully obstructed during such events.”

“In the case of the recent Clare Market this was a temporary one-day traffic order and provision will be looked at to make sure inconsiderate parking can be tackled by civil parking enforcement in the future.”

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