Busy week

This week is going to be busy. To start with I am upgrading our en-suite, replacing a bath with a shower and replacing the sink and toilet. Of course the old tiles wouldn’t come off without damaging the walls and why would I expect the plumbing to be in the correct place! New flooring, wiring, copper water pipes, waste pipes rerouted through the wall and wall tiles. Fun to do but everything is a challenge. I think I have perfected the sucking of teeth when ever the boss makes suggestions for further changes.

This morning we had some patio doors replaced. This afternoon I took part in a great briefing on housing and helping those who desperately need somewhere to live. A great reminder how we are all only a couple of bad decisions away from disaster.

Tomorrow I have a call at 0900 with a planning officer to discuss the building of two houses in a Conservation area. In the afternoon I have a briefing on the West Suffolk economy. Should be interesting.

On Wednesday I have a visit to the solar farm in Lakenheath. Then I have to scoot back to meet with the Parish Councils of Hundon and Stradishall at HMP Highpoint for a site visit. Then it’s off to Hundon to meet with a property promoter who is looking to build a lot of houses in Hundon!

Thursday brings a meeting with Matt Hancock which we have relocated to Highpoint Prison to discuss the issues that the proposed prison expansion might bring.

Friday yet another Highpoint meeting. This time with the Governor of Highpoint together with his project manager. I want to talk about the planning application, of course, but also the roads and joint ventures.

And I must not forget the en-suite!


  1. Hi Nick if your planning meeting is about the 2 houses planned behind the Swan in Clare. I know the plan is financially generated, but more consideration should be about building bungalows for the elderly in Clare right in the heart of the Town. That would leave family sized houses free for those who don’t need to be within walking distance of amenities.


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