The Swan Inn – Clare. Planning application

A planning application to build two houses behind the Swan Inn off the High Street In Clare has been received. It can be found here

We are often told that councillors should not make public statements about planning applications. This is in case we are seen to be pre determined and therefor would not be able to fairly take a decision if required to do so. The alternative, of course, is to ensure I am not part of the decision making process and then I can say what I like. In this case I choose the latter so will ensure I do not sit on the planning committee if this goes to it. I attach myself to the naughty list.

In the case of this planning application I have written to the planning officer to object to the plans. I object for the following reasons:

1. There is poor access to the site. Clare High Street suffers from congestion now which is often made worse when a single car parks inappropriately. This junction is likely to create further congestion.

2. The two three bedroom houses proposed are not in keeping with the setting nor do they add anything to or enhance the conservation area. This is a wonderful old town that deserves better than a couple of modern houses plonked a few meters from the High Street.

We need to stand up for the areas we live in. Clare has already taken more than it’s fair share of new housing with more on the way already approved.

I await my telling off with pleasure, in the name of a good cause!!

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