Meeting with Matt Hancock

I met with Matt Hancock MP and Bobby Bennett, our County Councillor, today to discuss the Highpoint expansion planning application and the state of the ring road and the estate roads.

We met in Cafe 33 for a great cup of coffee before going to the Highpoint prison.

We were all in agreement that the proposed East Carpark needs relocating and that both the ring road and estate roads are unacceptable and an embarrassment to the Ministry of Justice and all of us responsible to the residents.

Matt is actively working behind the scenes to convince the Prisons Minister that this needs sorting, quietly, efficiently and without a fuss. We must do the right thing. The right thing will help the Minister deliver on the extra places required in a timely fashion. A win, win situation.

On the other hand I shared my plans for a possible public meeting, some noise and lots of fuss if things don’t go our way. I’ve not made a placard for a long time😉

I am clear what we need from West Suffolk Council, as the planning authority, and have just briefed them.

We have a cunning plan, Baldrick🧐

I’m looking forward to my meeting tomorrow with the prison governor.

Watch this blog for further updates.

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