Hundon Community school – I was made to feel very welcome

It was a huge delight to visit Hundon Community School today. I was tracked down by the Chair of Governors as a result of this blog. It works!!! I met with the Head and Chair of Governors. Read more about Hundon and it’s federated partner Thurlow Church of England schools

In my past life, as Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, I visited many schools and was a governor of one. I reflect on this because Hundon school is a brilliant school right up there with the best. It is led by a Head who is passionate about her pupils and school.

The pupils were polite and smartly dressed in bright red jerseys with ties and white shirts. It felt a peaceful, happy place with the sound of busy children learning.

On the face of it the school doesn’t have much land but when the penny dropped that it is a community school it all makes sense. For example, the school sports day is held on the village cricket field and large events are held in the village Hall. It works beautifully.

What both the schools need are more children. The demographics of an ageing village are problematic when you are running a school. The key message for everyone is that the schools are brilliant and their catchment areas are bigger than you might imagine.

If you have youngsters who might benefit from a smaller family orientated school get in touch with the Head. Not all children like to be in a larger school.

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