HMP Highpoint – open letter to residents

As you are all aware I am working to improve things for the residents of the Highpoint Estate. In particular I am seeking the proposed East Carpark to be relocated somewhere sensible, the ring road to be repaired and the disgraceful estate roads repaired.

I was pleased to be able to brief both Hundon and Stradishall parish councils on the planning application and to offer them advice. It seems both parish councils are objecting to the planning application.

I am hopeful the car park will be moved. It makes no sense being placed where it is. There is plenty of space elsewhere. If it remains in the proposed location I will be seeking a planning condition limiting the times it can be used. This will make the carpark less usable than is probably required.

I am thrilled that I have had personal assurances from the Ministry of Justice that the ring road is going to be repaired in the near future. I will keep a close eye to ensure this happens.

I am also seeking some resolution to the issue of the estate roads. I am trying to look forward rather than back into history but it would be helpful if any of you have evidence that a contribution was paid when you bought the house to the roads upkeep. Anecdotally many of you have told me this money disappeared into the MoJ coffers but the roads are not being maintained. If you have the evidence please get in touch with me on or call me on 07876561781 I would be grateful. I am happy to come to you if that helps.

I am hoping to put together a public meeting for residents in the next three weeks. We are just trying to find a venue large enough. At the public meeting I want to give you a chance to be heard and for me to share the possible next steps with you. You won’t need placards at this meeting but maybe the next one😉

Councillor Nick Clarke

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