Clare Town Council – vacancies

Clare Town Council (CTC) should have 9 councillors. It now has 5. Whilst they are unpaid posts they give a huge amount of satisfaction and a real opportunity to shape Clare.

Being a Clare Town Councillor should not take over your life. There are meetings, in the evening, once a month and whilst it would be great if you can make all of them if you can’t that’s fine.

A lot of people think you have to be old, retired and daft like me to be a councillor. That is not the case. CTC would welcome applications from a whole range of people with a range of experiences. Young people are underrepresented so if you meet the legal requirement of being 18 and you fancy making a real impact on your CV get in touch. Employers love it if you can demonstrate civic leadership.

If the CTC doesn’t have enough councillors it can’t make decisions without using exceptional processes. This means that many of the great activities that are carried out would stop. Christmas lights, fetes and celebrations are examples. CTC are getting very low on councillors.

Your town council needs you! Please get in contact with the Clerk if you have an interest. If you want a chat with me please feel free to get in touch.

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