Funding for a carpark in Clare

Sometimes there is great news in the details of large documents. We are all preparing for the full council meeting which is to be held on the 22nd of February. Lots of financial papers covering the next 10 years.

I have been banging on about a carpark for Clare since getting elected. I had spent a lot of time with officers talking this issue through.

So I am thrilled to see at appendix 2c of attachment D of the proposed medium term financial strategy a line entry on page 91 that says ………… “car park in Clare (subject to business case)”and the sum of £100,000.

Fantastic. With cash available things get easier. Now, remind me where does it need to go?


  1. One of the best places (but it would cost more than that) would involve moving the fire station to the edge of town and incorporating all of that space and perhaps the Social Club’s parking as well. It’s the oldest fire station in Suffolk, and a new one was promised decades ago. Geoffrey Bray, though, would hate that. It would also be possible to have a ‘road’ of stabilising grids leading up to the land behind the Swan, this also covered with stabilising grids and grass to maintain the view. The trouble is, every time there’s been a solution, housing has been built instead (the lot by the old library, Moon Yard, Boat House Mews, etc.) No one will be happy with any solution.


  2. There is land at the rear of the Town Hall, access possibly via Station Road by the fire station.


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