HARDWICKE HOUSE GROUP PRACTICE – Stonehall Doctors surgery in Clare still shut but why!

I have had a number of you asking what can be done about the the Stonehall doctors surgery in Clare which has been shut for some considerable time. Doctors surgeries are in effect small businesses who can open or shut as the see fit. But they must keep the NHS informed and ………… it would be polite to keep residents informed who are the customers.

I will be making contact with NHS England to better understand the regulations.

I have been in contact with the head office in Sudbury and include the redacted thread below. so for clarity start the thread at the bottom🧐🤪

My response the the head office response to me.

Thank you for your reply. Are you able to explain why the Clare surgery is shut because of covid whilst your other surgeries remain open? 

Can the community help in anyway by helping to marshal patients as happened during the vaccination program?

What can be done to provide some clarity of the future for residents? When will decisions be made? What criteria will you be using? I fear simply saying there are no imminent plans to open the surgery doesn’t move understanding along very far.

This is a significant and upsetting matter for the residents of Clare. I would appreciate it being looked into further.

The response from the head office

Dear Mr Clarke

Thank you for your email regarding our Clare Surgery to which I am replying in the absence of Stewart Fountain, Practice Manager, who is currently on annual leave. Whilst we are still firmly in the pandemic, I do not believe there are any imminent plans to re-open Clare at this point, however I will pass your email to Stewart on his return to the office late next week so he can bring you up to date with the situation.

My first email to the head office

I am receiving an increasing number of requests from Clare residents requesting information about when your Clare surgery is to re-open. It has been closed for some considerable time which is applying pressure on the other NHS facilities in the town.

Whilst I appreciate you may have your own reasons for keeping the surgery closed I do believe some clarity of your intentions is required.

I would be grateful for a response. I am happy to meet with you.

One comment

  1. Are the doctors receiving full pay whilst they still keep a viral community service closed? It’s appalling, and completely mystifying why Clare surgery believes it’s serving the community by tending closed. The rest of us in public facing roles are having to cope with Covid and generally successfully so, why does this team think they’re different? Why am I paying my taxes for a service so selfish and immune to the needs of the community it draws its income from ! Disgusted.


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