Axe attack – Bell Hotel Clare

The Bell Hotel – Clare

I said I would update you with the attack at the Bell Hotel. This has caused huge upset for the victim and family but also the wider Clare community. I hope we can all come together during these difficult times.

Police are keen to reassure people that this is an isolated incident and a 39-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and attempted murder.

Clearly while there is an ongoing Police investigation it would be unwise of anyone to comment much further.

However, like many of you who have written to me, I am concerned about such events in the beautiful and normally safe town of Clare. I have taken action to speak to the owners of the Bell Hotel who are as devastated as everyone else. They are keen to support the community in anyway they can. Their thoughts are with the victim and family, as mine are.

We await the outcome of the Police investigation and it would be wrong to prejudge that. However, as this is a licensed premises I have contacted West Suffolk Council’s licensing department and was reassured they will take any appropriate action or give support to Suffolk Constabulary if they are needed to.

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