Highpoint Estate Residents Association (HERA) Minutes of inaugural meeting of reconvened group.

HERA Meeting: 28th April 2022 1900hrs Happy Days Nursery

Present: Nick Clarke, Marion Rushbrook, Jon Eaton, Natalie Jepson, Rick Latarche, Brad Hobart, Stephen Quinn, Kirsty Evans, Georgie and Leigh Crawford

Apologies: Gareth Sourfield-Thomas

1. Election of roles in HERA. The following roles assigned:

Chair – Natalie Jepson

Vice Chair – Rick Latarche

Secretary – Georgie Crawford

Treasurer – Brad Hobart (to discuss current dormant account with previous treasurer of HERA) 

Prison Rep – Stephen Quinn

Parish link – Leigh Crawford

2. Agreement for road repairs:

– Roads are being repaired for free by Roadfill.

– Survey is being carried out by Roadfill on 5th May. Nick and Marion will be present at this. 

– After the results of the survey, Jon from WSC, will produce an agreement for all households/property owners to sign regarding roads being repaired. Natalie to collate responses. 

– When a date is confirmed for the roads to be resurfaced, residents will receive information about where/when to move vehicles prior to work being carried out. 

– Nick has spoken to Look East to publicise Roadfill carrying out the work.

– Members of HERA to find out which houses are rented along their own road. 

3. Discussion of constitution rules:

– HERA to follow a code of conduct (Jon from WSC will provide this).

– Two councillors to be on HERA initially (one district; one county)

– HERA will discuss any substantial issues with all residents and go with a majority vote (of those who reply).

– HERA will make decisions regarding smaller issues, such as organising litter picks. 

– AGM in 12 months’ time.

4. AOB:

– Once roads are resurfaced, HERA can move forward with other matters on the estate, such as lighting, estate notice-board, maintaining green areas etc. 

Next meeting 10th May (date TBC)

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