Highpoint Estate Residents Association HERA – next meeting agenda – Tuesday 10th May

The next meeting of HERA is going to be on Tuesday 10th May time to be decided. We now have the committee members in place and it’s their meeting. Non committee members are welcome to attend as observers.

We continue to make progress. The estate roads have been inspected by Roadfill Ltd and happily whilst they look appalling they are not so bad underneath. I am hoping to have something to report to HERA in the form of a report from Roadfill Ltd.

I am also hoping to bring a draft letter/ form for the approval of HERA. It will be for all residents giving a little detail about what is happening and will take a one liner for you to sign giving permission for the road outside your house to be fixed.

We will also have a draft constitution of HERA to debate. All residents will get a chance to have a look at this in the fullness of time after it has been amended.

We will finish with AOB of course. should be a productive meeting and a big step forward to getting the roads fixed.

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