Minutes from HERA Meeting: 10th May 2022

Present: Nick Clarke, Marion Rushbrook, Lizzie Cocker (standing in for Jon Eaton), Natalie Jepson, Rick Latarche, Brad Hobart, Stephen Quinn, Kirsty Evans, Gareth Scourfield-Thomas, Georgie and Leigh Crawford

Apologies: Jon Eaton, Bobby Bennett, Karen Richardson

1. Residents’ Agreement (for Roadfill to carry out resurfacing works at NO COST TO RESIDENTS)

– WSC legal have approved the document for residents to sign.

– Draft copy of letter read by all members of HERA. A few minor amendments to be made by Lizzi before final version is ready to go out for residents to sign. 

– Residents to return their signed agreement to chair of HERA, Natalie Jepson, at 4 Ash Walk. 

– Natalie to collate responses. 

– Data collated from responses could be useful for future HERA projects.

– Parking/moving of vehicles for work to be carried out. Action – Stephen to speak to Nigel regarding securing the airfield for vehicles.

– Liability insurance – once roads are resurfaced, who is responsible? Action – Lizzie to clarify with Jon the outcome of his findings. 

2. Road Survey

– Chris Fallen, from Roadfill, has carried out a survey of the roads. Report still to be published, but Chris has confirmed that the concrete base is in a good and stable state in most areas. The removal of tarmac will be completed in one day; resurfacing work will take 3-5 days to complete. 

3. Constitution of HERA

– Lizzie circulated a model constitution of HERA for discussion. HERA members will meet to discuss which statements are relevant to our residents’ association. Action – Natalie to arrange a meeting.

– Once the HERA constitution is finalised, HERA can go to the local council to request funding for certain projects – for example, money for flowers/plants for the estate.

– HERA need to access the £5,000 the prison has promised the residents’ association. Action – Brad to liaise with Kim Spencer regarding previous HERA bank account.(Marion has asked the parish council if they can hold the £5,000 in a trust until the HERA bank account is active again. She is waiting for a response.)


4. AOB

– Nick shared an email from Mark Walsh regarding prison initiatives and how they want to promote a good working relationship with the residents on the estate. 

– Stephen circulated a leaflet from the prison, feeding back on residents’ concerns raised at a recent HMP Highpoint public meeting. The prison will deliver this leaflet to all residents within two weeks. 

– Plans for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations – residents are invited to a ‘Big Lunch’ on 5th June. More details to follow on the HERA Facebook page. 

– Marion is trying to source funding for a noticeboard to enable better links with Stradishall village. 

– Leigh to attend parish council meetings to create a link between estate and village. Action – Marion to contact Leigh with date of next council meeting.

– Roadfill have offered to donate swings – where would be a good location for these? Brief discussion had on possible sites. Nothing confirmed. Future discussions needed. 

– Nick and Jon to meet with Chris Fallen (Roadfill) on 17thMay to confirm the small works agreement with the contractor. 

Date of our next meeting to be confirmed after Nick has met with Chris.

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