Stradishall play equipment update. Blue Ford Ranger no longer “wanted”

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Blue Ford Ranger pickup no longer ‘wanted’.

Referring to yesterday’s RSW Alert:

Following enquiries it has now emerged that the contractors working on the Stradishall playground equipment had agreed to the removal of the redundant equipment by the two men in a blue Ford Ranger pickup on 1 May. The contractor didn’t tell the parish council of the arrangement.

The original concern by Stradishall residents was justified. A legitimate contractor would not normally strap such heavy poles directly onto a structurally weak and painted vehicle roof with minimal sideways restraint at the front because of the risk of sideways movement and protrusion of the front of the poles going round corners and the damage to cab roof.

The police are fully informed and there is no further need to report the pickup if seen.

Please continue to report suspicious activity to the police and

Regards, Bob.

Reminder: If you forwarded or publicised the original Alert, please do the same with this Update to avoid false alarms.

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