Great meeting with Roadfill Ltd – moving forward with getting the Highpoint roads fixed

The meeting today with Roadfill went extremely well. We discussed and agreed the areas being fixed which includes the garage areas. Excitement is high.

The company carrying out the work is Breedon Aspalt, a big company with a great reputation. They will, of course, be using the Roadfill Ltd additive. They will be coming to site next Monday or Tuesday to evaluate what machinery they will need. When they have carried this out we expect to be able to set a start date for the work. It will not be before the 6th June to avoid the Jubilee celebrations. As soon as I know the date I will let you all know.

Curbs that are dodgy will be replaced. Signs on the road may be possible for example “private road” or “slow”. HERA will collate views on this.

I can’t emphasis enough the importance of getting the residents forms signed. HERA officers will be knocking on your doors over the next few days with the forms. All you are being asked to do is to give permission for the road outside your house to be fixed, for free! No other commitment.

It will also be important to ensure everything is moved off the roads before the work starts for obvious reasons. Alternative parking is being arranged.

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