Highpoint estate – last nights meeting

The project to get the Highpoint Estate roads repaired surges forward. Last night we held a meeting of the Highpoint Estate Residents Association (HERA) which was supported by myself, Marion Rushbrook and a West Suffolk Council officer.

So much has been done. Agreement to fix the roads has been sought and signed off by each household. Lots of work has been carried out by HERA to coordinate this is in a very short time.

Plans to ensure the roads would be clear were put in place with real time issues of post delivery, oil delivery and food deliveries to be managed. Alternative car parking has been arranged.

All residents will be getting a note through their doors updating them in the next few days.

Contracts are being created and agreed with Roadfill and all at no cost to the residents or council. I had another meeting with Roadfill today, acting on HERA’s behalf, to move the contract forward. We set a date for 7th June for a key meeting with the contractors Breedon where the technical spec and equipment required will be decided. The start date will be dependant on the availability of the equipment but is likely to be in June.

We discussed the complexities and challenges of delivering a significant civil engineering project by a newly formed residents association supported by a couple of district councillors and a council officer. A challenge we are winning.🎉🍾🏆

Amazing things can be done by amazing people.

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