Grass cutting – I’m feeling nervous

I was contacted by a resident of the Highfield estate in Clare. She, quite rightly, pointed out that whilst most of the estate grass had been cut the entrance to the estate had not been.

I popped down there and had a look and took a couple of pictures. And the resident was right. Very odd. Here are the pictures:

All cut fine
On the same road not cut at all!

After some investigation it seems the cut parts are the responsibility of a housing association and the uncut area is looked after by West Suffolk Council on behalf of the County Council who own the land.

Fortunately, there isn’t anything mysterious going on here rather a machine for high banks broke down. Highfields will be resolved after the Jubilee bank holiday.


  1. Make sure the workmen keep a sharp eye out for hedgehogs and other sall animals, nick!


  2. This isn’t the case as it happens every year . One bit is done and that end is left for a long time after like I said in my fb comment unfortunately a neighbours dog got out and was in the long grass and lost her bearings and jumped out and was hit by a car.


    • Hi Rachel. It might happen that the two areas of grass are cut at different times every year because two different organisations are responsible and I believe use different contractors. But, on this occasion the grass has not been cut because the machine has broken down as I said.


  3. Rachel is correct, that part of the bank is never cut as often as the others. It might well be that the contractors are different and, on this occasion, the machine might well be broken, but that cannot be the case every year. iIt causes visibility issues every year for cars and pedestrians on Highfield as well as hindering pulling out onto Cavendish Road.


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