Can Clare get a Guinness world record?

Clare town hall is in need of some TLC. Specifically it’s heating system needs replacing and that’s not cheap. Raising the money was always going to be a challenge particularly during these difficult times.

So, a number of towns folk have been putting their heads together to see how the cash can be raised. For a small town it certainly has some big ideas and this idea is huge!

The idea is simple, tried and tested, but will be massive. So big it is expected to be a Guinness World Record. Interestingly, I was not aware that you have to pay a significant amount of money, to Guinness just to attempt a record.

Last night there was a meeting to discuss this in the Swan pub. A great venue particularly if you want to hold an event outside with protection from the elements using the tent. There were a number of organisations and individuals invited, myself included. Robin Stone, from Clare auctions led the charge.

You certainly can’t fault Clare for lack of ambition. This meeting was to test the water for the idea. A idea that had everyone talking about. An idea that I am very happy to support. It will be great for Clare.

It will be something that all the surrounding villages can engage with and feel proud they are part of setting a world record.

So what is this record breaking idea? Sorry folks, I’ve been asked not to reveal it yet. Watch this space for updates as soon as I am allowed to reveal what it is.

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