Dedham Vale area of outstanding natural beauty & Stour Valley – my appointment to its advisory committee

At the last full West Suffolk Council I was appointed to the Dedham Vale AONB & Stour Valley. This is part of a larger organisation called the AONB Combined Joint Advisory Committee. DEFRA provide the lions share of the money.

Here is a link if you would like some more info or get involved.

Today, I had a really good briefing from the manager who is a paid officer. West Suffolk Council contribute financially to the organisation in a modest way. The organisation is set up to champion the natural countryside and applies pressure on planning and helps to shape government and local policy.

I don’t understand why parts of West Suffolk, particularly around Clare and surrounding villages, are not formally within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Although not formally included they are treated as if they are but are classed as a Countryside management project. I will add this to my to do list!

It is currently involved with the proposed Sizewell C power station and overhead power cables preferring them to be underground in certain areas, amongst other things.

I asked has the organisation been involved with the concerns about the Weir in Clare. I am told they have been and I should expect a call from someone in the know.

This sounds like an interesting organisation for me to be involved with and I look forward to helping where I can. I am keep to keep villages as villages.

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