Review of Suffolk’s Recommended Lorry Route Map – progress on the A1092

Suffolk County Council has completed its review of the recommended lorry route map for the county. The final version of the map will be viewable here

The map is intended to assist hauliers to plan routes that are most appropriate for their journey purpose and that limit the negative impact experienced by local communities while servicing the businesses and other premises. It is important to note that lorries and other large vehicles can legitimately use routes that are not included on the map except for routes that are subject to specific restrictions. 

In October 2021, Suffolk County Council invited all local parish and town councils to provide feedback on their top 3 priorities related to the lorry route network in their area. We thank all of the councils that participated in survey. 

A total of 149 local councils provided feedback on 331 routes across the county. The feedback has been reviewed using a range of data sources to understand the concerns raised and to determine whether further action is needed. If further action has been deemed necessary, the options available have been assessed.  

The county council recognises that there is considerable local concern in relation to lorry routing on the A1092. The current recommended lorry route map designates this route as a zone distributor route, and it will be downgraded to a local access route as a result of the review. The change will communicate to hauliers that the route is not appropriate for through-traffic though access is required for local deliveries. 

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