Meeting James Cartlidge MP for Clare and Cavendish – get your thinking hats on

James Cartlidge MP who represents both Clare and Cavendish has agreed to meet with me on the 25th August in Clare. We are meeting at 1100 -1200 privately and then the next hour will be meeting businesses.

See James profile here.

Many people in Clare feel that the infrastructure in Clare is just not good enough. I met with a number of concerned citizens to try and find a way forward. Currently, the planning process has been seen as the best vehicle to deal with the issues but that has sever limitations. A local plan has also been suggested but again that is probably not the right way forward.

I believe we need to bring pressure on the organisations who should be delivering the services to Clare. Anglia Water is a case in point. James Cartlidge and I will discuss these issues and I will be seeking his support in applying pressure.

I will also be raising the issue of the Clare sluice gates which I will speak more about in a separate blog post.

I am also hoping to take James around to local businesses so if you want to meet him to make a point let me know. I will, of course, consult the Clare Business Association but welcome contact from other businesses not in the CBA.

Anyone who has something for me to ask your MP let me know. I’m sure I won’t have time to raise everything but will do my best.


  1. Hi Nick, please raise the ridiculous situation of the agreed and fully funded Traffic Regulation Order. I have spoken to our MP about it in the past (2016) in fact he mentioned it and me in the house (Hansard 22/3/16 527WH). Either requesr Mr Mateer Head of SCC Highways to resight his TRO signs in order to move it on or speak to his opposite number in North Essex to get Essex CC to do the right thing and allow SCC to erect the TRO signs at Baythorne End then wait for the 12 months review on the TRO and in the meantime collect evidence (not that there will be any!) of the increase in HGVs thru’ Halstead (traffic census?) and not act on a pure and utter whim, it is disgraceful that a high ranking Essex CC officer does this! Anything you need to know please do not hesitate to ask. Regards, Bob


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