Who would you choose as Leader of the Conservative Party? Help me to make my mind up who to vote for.

We have heard much about who might be the next Prime Minister. The trouble is, I’m no clearer who I will vote for. I have just one vote but am happy to be guided by you. Let me know who you would choose and why.

On one hand Rishi appears to be fully across the finances and managed the covid crisis in a very sure footed way. He is taking the sensible position of wanting to deal with inflation ahead of tax cuts. But, he was at the financial helm when the tax take reached record levels. Also, he wielded the axe on Boris.

Liz on the other hand is much more aligned to my view of Conservatism, low tax, small government and focused on economic growth. I agree that growth needs stimulating and that must mean tax cuts. Liz is probably less able from a managerial perspective but more likely to be innovative in my opinion.

My targets would be to reduce cooperation tax rates to attract inward investment to stimulate the economy. I would also remove VAT on fuel and reduce fuel duty to help fuel poverty. The proposed NI increase should be reversed. I would also review council tax. Taxing folk based on the capital value of a property makes no sense and is not matched with the ability to pay. Replace with a combo of local income tax and local sales tax.

One comment

  1. Liz Truss.
    No question!
    It was Sunak who broke the Manifesto promise and removed the Triple Lock on State Pensions, right at the time when it was going to be needed as never before with electricity bills predicted to go as high as £4,000 per year by January.
    As state pensioners ourselves my wife and I are contemplating whether we will either freeze or starve to death this winter – probably both, and there are millions more like us.
    Strange behaviour, when you consider that pensioners were previously the Conservatives’ most loyal group of voters, but not any more!
    On top of that is his flexible attitude to his non-dom (although installed in No.11!) wife’s tax affairs on a number of counts, not only her earnings on income from Russia but concerning payments of around £600,000+ on her apparently bankrupt companies.
    Not to put too fine a point on it, as far as most people I know are concerned, with his £10K suits and £1,000 trainers he wears to visit building sites Sunak is no more or less than a a spiv.
    The ideal candidate of course was Kemi Badenoch, but she was a real Conservative, so totally unacceptable to the majority of “Tory” MPs.


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