DC/22/0336/FUL – village shop – Haverhill Road, Kedington

This application to relocate the shop to near the Legion Hall is an important one for Kedington village. Kedington is fortunate to have a thriving, well run shop . It’s existence must not be taken for granted, rather it needs to be supported and nurtured wherever possible. So many villages have lost their local shops. We don’t want to lose this one.

At a public meeting a few weeks ago, hosted by the parish council (although not a formal parish council meeting – Ann please correct me if this needs tweaking) there were sufficient concerns raised for me to call in the planning application. Hopefully, this will result in this application being heard at a full planning committee rather than being decided by officers.

There are many different views on the merits of the shops location and the purpose of this blog is not to debate them. In fact I intend to remain neutral unless convinced otherwise.. What is clear is that the views of consultees will count, probably more than normal, in the decision making.

The plans have been amended, as of today, so have a look.

So, if you have a view, get on the West Suffolk planning portal and have your say. https://planning.westsuffolk.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?keyVal=R7IC7FPDGY200&activeTab=summary

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