Meeting James Cartlidge MP today

My ward is split between two MPs, Matt Hancock and James Cartlidge. It is so important to have a good working relationship with the MP as they are the door into Ministers and if you want change that’s the route to go.

I know Matt very well through my work at HMP Highpoint. James covers Cavendish and Clare in my patch and today is the day I meet him.

I have too many subjects to cover in one meeting but the very top of my list is road closures and the continual Anglian Water leaks. Looking at the weather it looks like a very fitting day to be discussing such matters.

I will also be talking about the Clare sluice and it’s problems threatening the water levels through Clare and I want to give him a heads up about my cunning plan for a new carpark in Clare (still on the secret list 😉).

We are going to visit a number of businesses around Clare. If you see us out and about say hello or perhaps offer some shelter from this rain!

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